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A hot day and a swimming pool, the perfect combination.

July 12, 2010

Hello hello hello!

We’ve been very busy lately and that’s why we haven’t posted that much, sorry guys :)  Anouk is now on vacation for a month to France-Spain-Portugal with her parents and this coming Monday I’m taking a plane to California, I’m soooooooo excited about that, I always wanted to visit CA and now finally my dream is coming true! :) Another nice thing is, I will celebrate my 16th birthday in America, July 23rd, isn’t that amazing? :’) I will be back in Belgium on August 6th and the next day there’s a big party, hopefully I’ll not be too tired! (Oh My God, I’m melting right now, it’s sooooooo hot! Sorry, just had to mention that x)) Oh yes, I almost forgot, Sarah, Lynn & me have also gone to Roch Werchter it was awesome! Muse was veryveryvery good! And I’ve also been to Couleur Café with Laura, Manon, Anouk, Victoria, Arnout, Astrid, … I’ll soon make a post about that when I’ve got the pictures, I haven’t seen them yet, so curious :)

A few days ago, we (Anouk, Marie, Christian, Sarah, Cedric, Winnie, Mathias, Nele, Cindy) were all invited at Lynn’s place for a little pool party, we had so much fun :) We’ve also taken a few pictures, here they are:

xoxo Emma

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