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Mad world

May 28, 2010

It’s Friday woehoew! Weekeeeeeeeend, we love love love love love it! I’m at Anouk’s place right now, Lynn is here too. Were talking, listening to some music and the TV is on but were not really watching. And the weather is lovely, we’re totally happy because the sun is shining ! :)  And tomorrow, there’s a garden party at Anouk’s house, don’t know yet if I can go, hope so :) School today was so boring! During physics, Lynn and I were just writing some things down the teacher was saying, no laughing, no talking NOTHING. And suddenly she screams: “EMMA AND LYNN, SHUT UP!” And I said: “But Miss, we weren’t doing ANYTHING!” And she just looked at me like ‘if my eyes could shoot bullets, you were already dead’ and then she just continued her  lesson… WEIRD. Conclusion: teachers are strange people, I can sure tell you that. Lynn and Anouk are playing/fighting. So funny to watch :D Anouk wants to bite Lynn, and she does like these freaky ninja-moves. And now, Anouk is hiding Lynn’s shoes in the closet WTF? :D Anouk is such a little rat! :D You should see her, I’m gonna film her some time so you can see it ;D MY GOD, CRAZY PEOPLE!

But I have to go, so bye bye!

Love, Emma

And oh yes, here’s a song, we are listening to it right now! It’s beautiful and the clip is so special, nice to watch :)

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