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I’m your huckleberry

May 27, 2010
Hi guys, it’s been such a long time..  I know it sucks, I’ve got so much things to do lately and suddenly I thought: Maybe I should make a new post! So here it is, don’t expect too much. It’s just a little text. I wrote it last night, I was watching a movie. Sex and The City! I loooooooove that movie so much. I can watch it a hundred times. Over and over again, hihi :) And next week wednesday, Sex and The City 2 in cinemas! I’m so excited, I’ve seen the trailer and I already like it! :)
So here’s my text and I looked for a picture on the internet, and I thought this one was lovely. Very retro with the car and stuff and I love the colors on the picture. The photo is made by Saul Leiter, if you see some more of his pictures, you’ll see that he works a lot with color. I love that! :)
simply 4 letters
with a huge meaning
a meaning that can’t be described
and if you try to describe it
you’ll see
it will lose his true meaning
it will never mean what it ment before you described it
so if you want to do yourself and the world a favor
don’t try to make it your own thing
let love be as it is

Lovelove, Emma
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