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Here comes the sun

June 10, 2011

hi guys, i’m bored so im posting a few pics. i hope you like them. everybody is having exams now, but i’m sick; my tonsils were removed.. so i’m home and i’ve got nothing to do so every now and then i take some pictures :) maybe i’ll post a few more this and next week, to keep me busy and to keep you busy .. take care x A


I want my hair to be like this !

March 7, 2011

Hello guys! It’s been so long! Sorry for not posting but I got a lot of other things to do, we kinda quit  this blog but I’m bored now so I thought ‘let’s write something on our blog!’ Don’t expect too much, I’ve just got some webcam pictures, nothing special. But the thing is; I want a haircut like that, I just tried it with pins on these photos. I’m still doubting cus when I get a haircut like that, after a while I’ll probably get tired of it and then my curls are gone! (only at one side ofc). Sooooo hard decision :) but here are the photos!

A hot day and a swimming pool, the perfect combination.

July 12, 2010

Hello hello hello!

We’ve been very busy lately and that’s why we haven’t posted that much, sorry guys :)  Anouk is now on vacation for a month to France-Spain-Portugal with her parents and this coming Monday I’m taking a plane to California, I’m soooooooo excited about that, I always wanted to visit CA and now finally my dream is coming true! :) Another nice thing is, I will celebrate my 16th birthday in America, July 23rd, isn’t that amazing? :’) I will be back in Belgium on August 6th and the next day there’s a big party, hopefully I’ll not be too tired! (Oh My God, I’m melting right now, it’s sooooooo hot! Sorry, just had to mention that x)) Oh yes, I almost forgot, Sarah, Lynn & me have also gone to Roch Werchter it was awesome! Muse was veryveryvery good! And I’ve also been to Couleur Café with Laura, Manon, Anouk, Victoria, Arnout, Astrid, … I’ll soon make a post about that when I’ve got the pictures, I haven’t seen them yet, so curious :)

A few days ago, we (Anouk, Marie, Christian, Sarah, Cedric, Winnie, Mathias, Nele, Cindy) were all invited at Lynn’s place for a little pool party, we had so much fun :) We’ve also taken a few pictures, here they are:

xoxo Emma

Garden Party!

May 30, 2010

Hello hello hello ! :)

Yesterday there was a garden party @ Anouk’s place. (I already told you that in a post) There were a looooot of people, Anouk’s parents’ friends & family and Anouk herself invited some friends of hers too; Lynn, Christian, Najomi, Michiel, Marie, Oskar, Sarah and me. We took some pictures, not much, we were too busy having fun but yeah, here are some:

xoxo Emma

Mad world

May 28, 2010

It’s Friday woehoew! Weekeeeeeeeend, we love love love love love it! I’m at Anouk’s place right now, Lynn is here too. Were talking, listening to some music and the TV is on but were not really watching. And the weather is lovely, we’re totally happy because the sun is shining ! :)  And tomorrow, there’s a garden party at Anouk’s house, don’t know yet if I can go, hope so :) School today was so boring! During physics, Lynn and I were just writing some things down the teacher was saying, no laughing, no talking NOTHING. And suddenly she screams: “EMMA AND LYNN, SHUT UP!” And I said: “But Miss, we weren’t doing ANYTHING!” And she just looked at me like ‘if my eyes could shoot bullets, you were already dead’ and then she just continued her  lesson… WEIRD. Conclusion: teachers are strange people, I can sure tell you that. Lynn and Anouk are playing/fighting. So funny to watch :D Anouk wants to bite Lynn, and she does like these freaky ninja-moves. And now, Anouk is hiding Lynn’s shoes in the closet WTF? :D Anouk is such a little rat! :D You should see her, I’m gonna film her some time so you can see it ;D MY GOD, CRAZY PEOPLE!

But I have to go, so bye bye!

Love, Emma

And oh yes, here’s a song, we are listening to it right now! It’s beautiful and the clip is so special, nice to watch :)

I’m your huckleberry

May 27, 2010
Hi guys, it’s been such a long time..  I know it sucks, I’ve got so much things to do lately and suddenly I thought: Maybe I should make a new post! So here it is, don’t expect too much. It’s just a little text. I wrote it last night, I was watching a movie. Sex and The City! I loooooooove that movie so much. I can watch it a hundred times. Over and over again, hihi :) And next week wednesday, Sex and The City 2 in cinemas! I’m so excited, I’ve seen the trailer and I already like it! :)
So here’s my text and I looked for a picture on the internet, and I thought this one was lovely. Very retro with the car and stuff and I love the colors on the picture. The photo is made by Saul Leiter, if you see some more of his pictures, you’ll see that he works a lot with color. I love that! :)
simply 4 letters
with a huge meaning
a meaning that can’t be described
and if you try to describe it
you’ll see
it will lose his true meaning
it will never mean what it ment before you described it
so if you want to do yourself and the world a favor
don’t try to make it your own thing
let love be as it is

Lovelove, Emma

Under water.

April 26, 2010

I found this photographer who makes such beautiful pictures, I love her work so much, her name is Elena Kalis. Here are some of her photos: